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USC vs. Oregon odds: Trojans now bigger underdog vs. Ducks

After USC's loss to Arizona, they are now bigger underdogs in their home game against the No. 4 Oregon Ducks.

Stephen Dunn

Somewhere there is a computer in a back room of a casino that comes up with betting lines that have made, and will continue to make, casino owners and bookies tons of money. This computer is the only reason that people who only know how to break knee caps with baseball bats still have jobs.

Sometimes, this computer is wrong, though. To give it an even more unfair advantage, the spread in a game can change after it originally comes out. That is exactly what has happened to the Stanford-Oregon spread since it came out on October 28, when it was Oregon -6 points.

To show how much a spread can change with a loss, at one point, USC was only a 2.5 point underdog, but that was before they were beaten by the Arizona Wildcats on the road last saturday by a score of 39-36. According to, now the spread has jumped to Oregon being favored by eight points.

The game between No. 17 USC and No. 4 Oregon is sure to be a good one and will pit the Trojans' tough defense against the Ducks' potent offense. No matter what happens, there will likely be a lot of people complaining come Monday when they realize that they were defeated by a computer once again.