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Pac-12 'confused' why DirecTV added Lakers network but not Pac-12 Network

The messy situation involving Pac-12 Network and DirecTV is only getting worse.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

College football fans everywhere with DirecTV have grown frustrated this season. With the Pac-12 and DirecTV unable to reach a deal, many football – and now basketball – games have not been available to many viewers.

When DirecTV reached a contract agreement Time Warner Cable's SportsNet this past week, which makes all Lakers games available to their customers in Southern California, the Pac-12 was understandably frustrated. They released an official statement on the matter and want to know why the satellite television provider is yet to accept the deal so many other providers accepted months ago:

DirecTV's decision to carry Time Warner Cable's SportsNet this week sends another mixed signal to Pac-12 fans, particularly those in Southern California. They cited that Lakers fans were the reason they added the network. Meanwhile, Pac-12 fans, despite continuous demands for the content they want, have been shut out. There is no denying that the Lakers, USC and UCLA are iconic brands with extremely passionate fans bases.

The Pac-12 also said they were "confused" by the decision to show Lakers games, but not their collegiate action.

Pac-12 Networks plans on airing upwards of 150 college basketball games this season. For those of you hoping to catch the nationally-ranked USC Trojans or upstart UCLA Bruins, you'll be held at the mercy of two cooperations refusing to budge.