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Torii Hunter rumors: Outfielder wants quick decision; Rangers, Tigers in pursuit

Torii Hunter is one hot free agent commodity that the LA Angels wanted no part of. What is the Angels loss is another team's gain, as the veteran outfielder is looking for a new home. Not just any team will suffice. He needs one that could get him his first World Series ring.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The decision is his own. Outfielder Torii Hunter is looking for a new team and hopes to have one in the next two weeks. His criteria is simple: which club has the best chance of bringing the veteran his first World Series ring.

Two of Hunter's potential suitors happen to be the last two American League teams to make it to the World Series, the Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers. The Tigers are reported to be making the biggest push for Hunter by giving him a two year contract and a job that requires him to play in every game.

As for the Rangers, they are left with a hole in the outfield on the expectation that slugger Josh Hamilton will sign elsewhere. Hunter, will not replicate the offensive power lost by Hamilton's departure; however, he's a reliable at-bat and still has some clutch hits left in him.

Since the Los Angeles Angels didn't extend a qualifying offer to outfielder Torii Hunter, any team that signs him would not have to surrender a draft pick. This makes Hunter even more appealing on the free agent market.