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USC vs. UCLA: Jim Mora has high praise for Marqise Lee

It's no secret that USC and UCLA don't like each other. At his press conference on Monday, Jim Mora did something unexpected - he complimented one of the Trojans, star wide receiver Marqise Lee.

Marqise Lee is the wing beneath my wings!
Marqise Lee is the wing beneath my wings!

UCLA coach Jim Mora has never been one to hold back his opinion. In his press conference on Monday, five days before the Bruins' annual showdown with USC, Mora was his usual talkative self. That's not in the least bit surprising. It was the content of what he was saying that surprised reporters. Jim Mora loves USC's Marqise Lee. Seriously, he really does.

Via Greg Beacham's Twitter account:

Those are very big compliments coming from a blood rival. Perhaps Mora is attempting to plant the 2013 NFL draft seed in the mind of the sophomore wide receiver, so the Bruins won't have to face him two more times. Just a thought.

Mora's praise for his opposition's best weapon is interesting, but that wasn't the best part of the press conference. According to a Jill Painter tweet, Mora managed to pump Lee's tires without mentioning two words, 'USC' and 'Trojans', the entire press conference.

Your move, Lane Kiffin.