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2012 Long Beach Marathon: Route information, course map and more

2012 Long Beach Marathon route provides plenty of ocean views, little elevation for runners.

Elsa - Getty Images

If you listen to the event organizers, the Long Beach Marathon is going to be several different races rolled in to one. The official website says the course combines oceanfront views, seaside communities and a metropolitan feel.

The course begins on Shoreline Dr. and crosses the Queensway Bridge, passing the RMS Queen Mary before circling back around the Aquarium of the Pacific and Shoreline Village. The split takes place at the 10.5 mile mark, allowing the half marathoners to circle back on to Ocean Blvd.

The marathoners will continue on, eventually running along Marine Stadium and will then run through the campus of Long Beach State. The runners will then run through downtown Long Beach before reaching the Marina Green Finish Line Festival.

There are only slight hills throughout the course, with the highest elevation topping out at 45 feet. Check out for a full map of the race route, elevation charts and turn by turn directions. Forecasts call for sunny skies and a high of 76 degrees, which could prove a little warm during the late morning and early afternoon parts of the race. The Long Beach Marathon begins Sunday morning at 7 a.m. PT.