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Phil Jackson weighs in on Shaquille O'Neal-Dwight Howard controversy

Former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson didn't necessarily choose sides in the Shaquille O'Neal-Dwight Howard war of words, but he did inherently imply that some of the things O'Neal said may have been misguided.

He told ESPN 1000's "Waddle and Silvy Show", "Dwight is a guy that has that amazing athletic ability," he told the Chicago-based station, "but the overall game -- rebounding, defending, blocking shots, running the court -- this is a guy that runs with the wolves, so to speak. He can get up and down that court as quick as any of the guards and forwards because of his athletic ability."

O'Neal earlier said that Howard was not as offensively polished as centers Brook Lopez or Andrew Bynum, which Howard took offense to and fired back with some choice words of his own. Jackson went on to talk about the offensive improvement that Howard has made since coming into the league.

Jackson and O'Neal have maintained a close relationship off the court following their time together as player and coach from 1999-2004. The pair won three consecutive NBA titles with the Lakers from 2000-2002.