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Kobe Bryant misses morning practice with left foot pain

Kobe Bryant had foot issues this morning that will force him to miss Friday morning practice with left foot pain.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant was having trouble with his foot this morning, and it kept him out of the morning practice session. However, it appears he'll be fine for the second session today and should be able to practice.

Byant has been banged up at plenty of points in his NBA career, and his injuries are pretty innumerable. He's torn ligaments in his wrist, struggled with back problems, fractured his index finger but never opted for surgery, broke his hand early in his career, had a brace on his wrist during the last preseason, sprained his shoulder, injured his ankle on numerous occasions, and most recently had Regenokine surgery in Germany to improve his damaged right knee.

Bryant's injuries have only forced him to miss a handful of regular season games here and there (eight last year, nine in 2009-10, five in 2006-07, none in the three years in-between), and he's become almost a sure bet to start every basketball game where he's at least reasonably healthy.