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Blake Griffin looks fully recovered from knee surgery

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin appears to be fully recovered from offseason knee surgery.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin showed no signs of an offseason surgery hampering his athletic ability during an intrasquad scrimmage on Wednesday. Steve Perrin of Clips Nation reports that Griffin looked athletic as ever against his teammates:

He had several breakaway dunks, which were spectacular enough, but he also had a tomahawk jam in traffic that really caught me off guard. That's how you know that he's back – it's the play where you think not much is happening and suddenly he's at the rim throwing down. How did he get there? No one else explodes like that, and the good news is that Griffin still does.

Griffin underwent surgery on his left knee after doctors diagnosed him with a medial meniscus tear during his participation in Team USA's training camp in mid-July. The All-Star missed Team USA's run to the gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics and was replaced by NBA rookie and first round pick Anthony Davis.

The recovery time for Griffin was estimated at eight weeks after problems first arose when the forward said he had discomfort in his knee. He underwent surgery on July 16.

This story originally appeared on SB