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USC vs. Utah 2012: TV schedule, game time, spread and more

The USC Trojans battle the Utah Utes in a Pac-12 South matchup on Thursday night on ESPN. USC are approximately two touchdown favorites.

Harry How - Getty Images

The USC Trojans take on the Utah Utes on Thursday night football in Salt Lake City. USC and Utah are both coming off of bye weeks, but both have been struggling. USC has lost to Stanford already, and Utah fell to both Utah State and Arizona State. This game was once considered a potential Pac-12 South battle for tops in the division, but both teams are clearly just trying to get back track after early season disappointments.

USC is coming off a victory over California and is looking to get their offense back on track. Matt Barkley has had two inconsistent performances in a row, and although the Trojan run game greatly improved from the Stanford contest, the Trojans would probably like to generate some more yards through the air to help out the ground performance and the defense.

TV schedule: The game will kickoff around 6 PM PT, 9 PM ET on ESPN and can be viewable if you have Watch ESPN online via your Internet Service Provider.

Spread: The Trojans are currently double-digit two touchdown favorites.

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