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BCS rankings projection: USC could rise to No. 9

SB Nation's Samuel Chi projects the Trojans will land at No. 9 in tonight's BCS rankings.

Stephen Dunn

With another weekend in the books, SB Nation's Samuel Chi projects the USC Trojans could see another slight bump in the second BCS rankings, as he anticipates the Trojans to land at No. 9 in the BCS when they are released tonight, a one-spot improvement on their No. 10 spot from last weekend.

After their fourth consecutive victory, the Trojans are anticipated to land as the third-highest ranked one-loss team, behind the LSU Tigers and Oklahoma Sooners.

Chi also anticipates the BCS will bump the Kansas State Wildcats ahead of the Oregon Ducks, giving Kansas State the No. 3 spot while the Ducks occupy the fourth position.

Fellow Pac-12 combatant Oregon State is projected to come in at No. 7 in Sunday's second BCS rankings of 2012, and despite their undefeated status, rank behind one-loss LSU.

With games remaining against Oregon and projected BCS No. 5 Notre Dame, the Trojans will have ample opportunity to rise in the rankings in the coming weeks.