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Week 7 NFL TV schedule in Los Angeles: Jets at Patriots in Game of the Week

Jets vs. Patriots is in the game of the week slot, but Ravens v. Texans is the more important match-up of the day.

Andrew Burton

Early Games

Baltimore Ravens (5-1) @ Houston Texans (5-1) - CBS

Probably the best matchup of the three, two one loss young franchises battle it out for the best record in the AFC. Both teams are without a top linebacker due to injury, but Houston are the slight favorites at the moment as the Ravens will be missing cornerback Lardarius Webb as well as linebacker Ray Lewis. Houston suffered their first loss of the season hosting the Packers last week. Still, should be a great game that would be game of the week material if this were the Baltimore Colts against the Houston Oilers.

Washington (3-3) @ New York Giants (4-2) - FOX

In MLS this matchup is called the Atlantic Cup, but in the NFL it's usually the battle to see who will challenge the Cowboys for first in the division. Now with Robert Griffin III, the team from DC has become a threat every week. The football Giants are the favorites at home with their strong defensive line. Not to mention Washington's bad pass defense, and the Giants having that Eli Manning fellow.

Late Game

New York Jets (3-3) @ New England Patriots (3-3) - CBS

It's football's New York-Boston rivalry, and ever since spy-gate it's had a fairly strong storyline. The Patriots are heavy favorites in this one, what with their superior offense and all. Rivalry match-ups are always great, and the result will help define a fairly mediocre AFC East. Unless you really only like the sport of American football and none other, I'd head over to Fox and watch game six of the National League Championship Series as the San Francisco Giants try to stave off elimination against the St. Louis Cardinals.