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Los Angeles Dodgers reaction: Hot finish not enough to salvage disappointing month

The Los Angeles Dodgers have won five in a row but the hot finish might not be enough to salvage their disappointing September.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Despite ending the month on a five game winning streak, the Dodgers finished 14-12 in September which may not be enough to make the playoffs this season.

With a record of 84-75, the Dodgers trail the St. Louis Cardinals by two games with three games left to play. The Cards will finish their season with three games against the NL Central-champion Cincinnati Reds, while the Dodgers play three against the NL West-leading San Francisco Giants.

Eric Stephen of True Blue LA notes the problem while comparing this year's team to the 2003 squad that suffered a similar fate:

Despite a seemingly stacked lineup, the Dodgers in September resembled their 2003 squad at times. The club was second in baseball in runs allowed per game, but were just 25th in runs scored per game.

The Dodgers needed a hot streak at the end of the month just to finish above .500. Was it too little, too late? The next three days will tell whether or not this club end will up like 2003, watching the playoffs at home, too.

Stephen also named Clayton Kershaw the pitcher of the month for September as he gave up just three runs in four starts and applauded Adrian Gonzalez on the offensive side despite the poor performance of the offense overall.