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College Basketball Rankings: Stanford Is Only Pac-12 Team To Receive Votes In USA Today Coaches Poll

The Pac-12's presence on the USA Today coaches poll isn't a presence at all.

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The Pac-12 is having a lonely season within the USA Today Coaches poll and for now, the Stanford Cardinal are the lone wolf.

No UCLA Bruins, no USC Trojans, no Cal Bears, no Arizona Wildcats, no one. And even the credit Stanford gets is lukewarm since, well, it isn't ranked either. It just so happens to be the only Pac-12 team to receive any votes. How many did they get?


You read that right. The entire Pac-12 representation within the rankings of the top teams in the country is five votes for Stanford.

At least someone ranked is coming to visit the LA area soon as no. 23 Gonzaga comes to visit Loyola Marymount on Saturday night at Gersten Pavilion. Unless something spectacular happens soon, Gonzaga will represent the only ranked basketball team in the area for a while.

Something will have to give or the Pac-12 may be looking at one bid into the NCAA Tournament.