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Jeff Fisher To Rams Could Be Held Up If Team Relocated To Los Angeles

It looked as if the St. Louis Rams could have a new head coach, and Jeff Fisher is the guy they were looking at. It looked as if Fisher would be the guy the Rams would end up taking and making the guy that would bring them back to NFL relevance.

However, this one might be held up because of a surprising issue. The Rams are one of the teams that is being considered for movement to Los Angeles. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has more.

It’s hard to tell whether Thomas is reporting that Fisher actually is concerned that the team will move to L.A., or that the issue has emerged, or could emerge, as a sticking point in negotiations. At the end of the day, it could be that Fisher simply wants his pay to be adjusted if at some point he’ll be coaching not in St. Louis but in a much larger, and thus more challenging and intense, media market.

Fisher in St. Louis compared to Fisher in Los Angeles doesn't seem like much, since the head coach shouldn't mind coaching either city (Fisher is a USC Trojan after all). However, the cost of living in Los Angles is far greater than in St. Louis, so he should definitely negotiate a deal that would mean more money for him if such a move is actually being considered.

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