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USC Football Leads Pac-12 In Home Game Attendance (Again)

The USC Trojans are fortunate to have themselves a huge fan base established in the Southern California area and their fans continue to pack Memorial Coliseum whenever there is a home game. According to a recent report that tracks the average attendance for each BCS conference team in the nation, the Trojans ranked No. 1 in the Pac-12 for the third consecutive year.*

*The report only dates back to 2009, but in all honesty, it's tough to imagine USC not leading the way since at least the early 2000's.

See how the rest of the conference did after the jump...

The Trojans averaged 74,806 fans per-game this past season, which was a little more than 12,000 higher than the Washington Huskies, who finished second in attendance. Oregon, Arizona State and UCLA rounded out the top-five. Washington State averaged the fewest fans by far, with a putrid average of 28,791 fans in attendance.

The last few years have been rough on the Trojans, but these numbers indicate the fans still back their program 100%. And with 2012 looking like the year for USC to potentially return to the BCS, these attendance numbers should do nothing but increase next season.

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