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NFL In Los Angeles: California Supreme Court Decision Could Hasten San Diego Chargers Move

The California Supreme Court made this decision today to dissolve the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency

This could cause a lot of trouble for many stadium redevelopment projects. According to Howard Mintz of the San Jose Mercury News, Santa Clara could be in a bit of trouble trying to land the new stadium of the San Francisco 49ers, and Oakland could be in trouble trying to keep the A's from moving to San Jose.

This could in turn endanger the future of the San Diego Chargers staying in San Diego, and could hasten their move up the I-5 toward Los Angeles. Roger Showley of the San Diego Union-Tribune has more.

Many high-profile projects, as well as park and sidewalk improvements, count on redevelopment funding and their future now is in doubt.

The biggest is the proposed $800 million Chargers stadium downtown.

"We had assumed last fall that redevelopment funds would not be available, and so we proposed a combination stadium-convention center expansion concept which we believe could be financed without redevelopment dollars," said team counsel Mark Fabiani.

However, the city has rejected a combination as Fabiani sketched out in favor of moving forward now with a $520 million convention center expansion.

If this rule stays the way it is, now the Chargers will be stuck having to find a new source of revenue to try and keep their team. It's a tall order, especially considering the people who are trying to gear a relocation to Los Angeles.

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