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NCAA Men's Basketball Rankings: No Ranked Teams From Pac-12 Conference, Again

The LA County struggles continue on the national stage.


That's the number of votes a team from the Pac-12 received in the USA Today Coaches and Associated Press men's college basketball polls that were released today.


That's the number of votes a team from Los Angeles County received.

And that one vote went to Long Beach State and its 7-0 record in the Big West and 14-6 record overall. Hurray for recognition! The floundering seasons in progress at UCLA, USC and the like have turned LA into no man's land when it comes to national respect. LA isn't even getting love from ‘others receiving votes.'

UCLA is 3-4 in the Pac-12, 10-9 overall. USC is 0-7 in the Pac-12 and 5-15 overall, placing both teams in the bottom five in the conference.

There is a little bit of excitement on the way, though, as St. Mary's (19-2, no. 21 in the AP poll, no. 20 in the Coaches) visits Loyola Marymount (11-8) on Thursday.

At least somebody ranked will be in the area.