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2012 Rose Bowl Video: Lavasier Tuinei Scores Go-Ahead Touchdown For Oregon

The Oregon Ducks had the ball to start the fourth quarter, and they didn't waste time getting back on top on the scoreboard with Lavasier Tuinei catch a Darron Thomas 11 pass for a Duck go ahead touchdown. At 80 points, the game is now tied for the most points in Rose Bowl history. The next point scored will shatter the Rose Bowl all time record for points scored.

After a high falutin, high scoring first half, the Oregon Ducks and Wisconsin Badgers seemed to be stepping up defensively in the third quarter. After Russell Wilson's touchdown pass, two consecutive drives (one for Oregon, one for Wisconsin) ended with interceptions. Darron Thomas of the Badgers thwarted a sure scoring drive at Wisconsin's 8 yard line, but Oregon was able to get the ball back by intercepting the ball still in Wisconsin territory.

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