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2012 Rose Bowl Score: Russell Wilson Creates Another Touchdown, Wisconsin Leads 38-35 In Third Quarter

Wisconsin has taken the lead in the Rose Bowl again, thanks to a Russell Wilson touchdown pass to Nick Toon. Things had slowed down a bit with the Wisconsin Badgers settling for a field goal, and then the Oregon Ducks punting, but Wisconsin found some mojo on their last drive.

Set up by a big Wilson scramble on third down for 17 yards, Wisconsin had first and ten on the Oregon 18 yard line. Wisconsin went for the end zone right away, with Toon running a deep out to the front pylon and keeping his feet in bounds to put Wisconsin up by the field goal they settled for on the last drive.

As mentioned earlier, with 73 points the Ducks and Badgers have reached a point total only four Rose Bowls in history have ever managed to reach. As is mentioned in that article, the over/under for the game was set at 73 points, that marked being reached in the third quarter is certainly remarkable.

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