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2012 Rose Bowl Video: DeAnthony Thomas 91 Yard Record Breaking Touchdown For Oregon

The 2012 Rose Bowl is tied once again, thanks to a record breaking run from Oregon's DeAnthony Thomas. Thomas ran 91 yards from scrimmage for the tying touchdown, breaking a record set in 1993 by Michigan's Tyrone Wheatley. Michigan beat Washington 38-31 in that game.

This game between the Oregon Ducks and Wisconsin Badgers is threatening to match that score in the first half. The Badgers have been the pace setters, but the Ducks have shown more than capable of matching Wisconsin blow for blow.

Check after the jump for DeAnthony Thomas's record breaking touchdown. The way this game has been playing out, it's likely that's just the first of many records to fall today. After all the talk of special uniforms, and of course the hype that comes with a BCS game, this one has lived up to expectations.

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