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2012 Rose Bowl: Oregon Ducks Fans Attend Sunday's Blazers Vs. Clippers Game

The Oregon Ducks are preparing to take on the Wisconsin Badgers on Monday in the 98th Rose Bowl. It appears that the Ducks and their army of fans have staged a mini-invasion of Southern California in anticipation of the event.

First, a tidal wave of Ducks fans took over the Santa Monica Pier for a pep rally on Sunday afternoon. Later in the evening, a sizable number of Oregon rooters headed to the Staples Center to watch another Oregon team play, according to Lindsay Schnell of The Oregonian.

The Los Angeles Clippers hosted the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday night and plenty of Oregon fans turned out to cheer for another home-state team...even if they were mostly cheering for the Ducks.

Throughout the game, shouts of "Go Ducks!" rang out from the top levels, and one fan in section 322 even started an Oregon "Ooohhhh!" chant during a timeout.

The Clippers ended up earning their first home win. They also handed the Blazers their first loss of the season, but that didn't stop Ducks fans from enjoying themselves. The basketball game was just the appetizer. Monday's Rose Bowl will be the main course.

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