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Bracketology 2012: Long Beach State, Stanford And Cal Among Teams To Make Field

SBNation dropped its most recent edition of NCAA Bracketology and it seems as if both the LA area and the Pac-12 will have some sort of representation, just not a lot.

As of now, SBNation has Long Beach State sitting as an 11-seed, Stanford as a 9-seed and Cal as an 11-seed that would need to win its opening round game before officially entering the tournament.

Long Beach State is the only LA area team in the current bracket while Stanford and Cal represent the only teams from the Pac-12 to make the tourney, and even Cal's addition is suspect due to their need to play-in. Now, VCU made it all the way to a Final Four from the same spot so Cal can't be too mad about it. But it does mean that their status is on thin ice and they have plenty of work to do.

But it's still early and plenty of games remain to be played.