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2012 Rose Bowl: Oregon Ducks Players Take Time To Visit Los Angeles Children's Hospital

The Oregon Ducks and Wisconsin Badgers have been spending the week in Souther California leading up to the 2012 Rose Bowl in Pasadena. They have spent the week visiting attractions and landmarks, attending awards ceremonies and galas and of course getting in some practices.

But the Ducks at least have found the time to devote to more humanitarian efforts, according to Thomas Boyd of The Oregonian. The entire Oregon Ducks team visited the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles on Saturday to visit a 13-year-old Ducks fan who was paralyzed in a recent Pop Warner Football accident. The child, Donovan Hill, is reportedly a die-hard Oregon fan and was excited to meet some of his favorite players. You can find a video of the meeting at Oregon Live.

It's great to see that the Ducks are spending time connecting with their fans and brightening some days while they're in Los Angeles.

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