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Fox Los Angeles To Broadcast San Diego Chargers Game

Going back the last few years, KCBS Los Angeles has broadcast San Diego Charger games; claiming LA as a secondary Charger market. KTTV Fox 11 has chosen to broadcast the Game of the Week in the LA market, when the Chargers are hosting an NFC team giving Fox the broadcast. This week however, despite the initial broadcast maps shows LA receiving the NY GIants v Washington Redskins, KTTV has changed its mind and wil broadcast the Chargers’ season opener instead.


Those who have been following the downtown stadium issue will note that AEG made huge strides in Sacramento this week, with both houses (State Senate and State Assembly) passing legislation to protect the stadium project from being stalled by frivolous lawsuits. AEG has said that any team coming to LA will be owned by AEG, and have been reported to be in talks with Charger ownership. It’s looking more and more likely, that the Chargers could be returning to their original home.