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Former Galaxy Manager Alexi Lalas Backs Up $250 Million David Beckham Deal From 2007

Back in 2007, the LA Galaxy signed superstar David Beckham to a five-year, $250 million deal. The move made headlines around the world and generated quite a buzz in America. ESPN received very high TV rantings for Beckham's debut game, using 19 cameras for the game and one to merely follow Beckham everywhere (even while sittting on the bench).

Former Galaxy Manager Alexi Lalas was recently asked by TMZ whether he thought Beckham was worth the money, to which he responded, "Without a doubt. Without a doubt." 

In reality, the $250 million figure is a bit misleading. That number represents all of Beckham's potential revenue over the five year period, including both his team pay and his personal endorsements. The Galaxy themselves shelled out about $8.9 million for their player.

Beckham and the Galaxy have also entered talks about a possible contact extension. The Galaxy are looking to offer their 36-year-old midfielder a one-year contract extension on par with his initial contract. Beckham has said that he is in happy in Los Angeles, but the star soccer player will likely consider other options as well before he makes up his mind.