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UCLA Vs. Stanford: Jamie Graham To Return On Wednesday After Six Weeks Out

Experienced cornerback Jamie Graham has been sidelined with a torn meniscus for six weeks. He is scheduled to return to practice on Wednesday, days ahead of UCLA's road clash with No. 6 Stanford.

Jamie Graham has had an interesting life over the past few months, transferring from Varderbilt to UCLA  this offseason and gaining the respect of the staff quickly. He also dealt with a knee injury, but Graham should return to practice for the first time in six weeks this Wednesday, according to Chris Foster of the LA Times.

Graham was a fan favorite at Vanderbilt and quickly built up trust with the Bruins coaching staff. He solidified his role on the team as UCLA's third cornerback, using his familiarity with UCLA's defensive scheme (gained during his football time at Vanderbilt) to contribute immediately.

Before the season started, though, Graham tore his meniscus and was forced to sit out of the team's first four games. His veteran presence and experience should be helpful in the Bruins locker room.

Graham finished his undergraduate education at Vanderbilt and is currently attending graduate school at UCLA. The versatile athlete will look to make the most out of his last year of eligibility with the Bruins this season.