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Los Angeles Football Stadium: California Governor Signs Bill That Could Solidify Efforts To Build Farmers Field

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on Tuesday that aims to speed up the legal process involved with getting approval to build a $1.2 billion stadium named Farmers Field in downtown Los Angeles. Brown signed the bill through, ostensibly to create jobs in a state whose unemployment rate is in the double digits. 

Per Sports Illustrated:

The bill would expedite resolution of legal challenges to AEG's project, sending lawsuits over its environmental impact directly to the California Court of Appeal and bypassing the Superior Court. The appeals court would have to make a ruling within 175 days. AEG would thus avoid a protracted and costly court battle that could hold up construction of the stadium, which could break ground as early as June if it passes environmental muster and secures an NFL team. 

In return, AEG, which owns the Staples Center and L.A. Live entertainment complex next to the convention center, pledged to build a "green stadium" and make it public-transit friendly.

The stadium's construction approval could solidify the city's attempts to bring in an NFL team, with the frontrunner rumored to be the San Diego Chargers

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