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USC Football News: School Restricts Access And Reporting On Trojan Players

The USC Trojans are telling reporters that they can't make any mention about the amount of practice time that their players get .

USC football is getting strict with the media. According to ESPN LA writer Arash Markazi, the school is telling reporters that they can't report on the amount of practice time or reps that players get.

Perhaps the Trojans fear that opposing teams will get a leg up on them with extra knowledge about their players' specific practice routines. In reality, how much can that information help a team? Beyond the insight that teams gleam in knowing who to prepare for, the amount of practice that a player gets is fairly useless to opponents. Teams usually get this information on who to prepare for during the week as they game-plan for the opposition.

That being said, there's nothing wrong in taking some extra precautions to avoid giving other teams an edge. USC football has been a nationally scrutinized program for a long time, and perhaps this is just a move the school is making to set the tone with the media's relationship with the team.