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UCLA Basketball News: Jerime Anderson Suspended For Two Games After Offseason Misdemeanor Incident

UCLA Bruins senior guard Jerime Anderson has been suspended for two games by coach Ben Howland due to offseason misconduct. Anderson pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges last Thursday on charges of lost property and trespass.

The Bruin guard certainly has a ways to go before he can put this situation behind him, but he got off on a plea agreement due to good conduct and his swift response in accepting responsibility. He will have to complete 300 hours of community service within a two-year time frame to dismiss the charge of lost property, though the charge of trespass will likely remain.

This is good news for UCLA. The team was expected to play without Anderson for a few games at the start of the 2012 season, and the two-game suspension is probably more favorable than most would have expected. In addition, Anderson is slated to miss only one season game (the season opener against Loyola Maramount on Nov. 11th) since the first game of his suspension is an exhibition match-up against Cal State San Bernardino.