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LA Galaxy Vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: Galaxy Run Away With Match

The score to beat was 4-0. That’s how badly the Galaxy beat the Whitecaps up in Vancouver a few weeks ago. The LA Galaxy were unable to meet that mark, only winning 3-0. Bryan Jordan was easily the Man of the Match, with two absolutely beautiful assists, and a goal that was waved off with his right foot offside.

Bryan Jordan helped both Robbie Keane and Mike Magee to goals, with crosses that would make David Beckham proud. Neither Keane nor Magee had to move, not even to jump, as Jordan put the ball right where it needed to be. It helped that Vancouver’s defense was quite lax, but still impressive.

The Galaxy had the game in hand early enough that they got all three Designated Players off the pitch. How many of the three travel with the team to Costa Rica on Wednesday is a whole nother matter. But it was exactly the type of win the Galaxy needed with a huge Champions League match midweek.