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Ron Artest, Elton Brand Enjoy NBA Pick-Up Games At UCLA

The summer months always give NBA players time to participate in various summer leagues and pick-up games. With the lockout in effect, quite a few of the league's more well-known athletes are participating in a yearly tradition: pick-up games at UCLA's student gymnasium. Some of those players? Russell Westbrook, Elton Brand, Ron Artest, Andre Miller, along with others.

The only rule of the pick-up games? A student must play in each game.

(via UCLA)

This tradition has gone on for quite a few years now and it really is a great opportunity and experience for the UCLA student body. Who wouldn't want to play with a few professional players? 

Games are typically held in the afternoon and a wide variety of players -- both from UCLA and abroad -- show up for at an hour or two. 

Elton Brand said it best, "...for an open gym and open run where anyone can just come and get their game on, there's no place like this."