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USC Trojans Fall Practice: Matt Barkley Struggles, Cody Kessler Does Not

You might not have known it if you didn't pay attention to the USC Trojans last year, but Matt Barkley had a trouble with interceptions last season. In his final five games of 2010, Barkley threw up six touchdowns but also added on eight picks, and the USC offense began stagnating.

Barkley is continuing to struggle with interceptions. He threw at least one INT in each of his first three practices, and in a scrimmage on Monday night at the Coliseum, he put up another average performance: 10 for 20, 82 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception. Those numbers sound like the most Brock Osweiler of Brock Osweiler performances, and yet here those numbers lie for the USC starting quarterback.

While Barkley struggles to stay consistent with his numbers, Cody Kessler is working his hardest to be the guy who shines his shoes. The true frosh put up some real impressive numbers: 16 for 18, 187 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception. With Jesse Scroggins struggling (4-14) and Max Wittek getting limited snaps, Kessler might be moving up to that second spot.

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