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Shabazz Muhammad Visits USC Men's Basketball Practice; Boosters, Compliance Officers In Attendance

Top basketball recruit Shabazz Muhammad (who has UCLA ranked high on his board) decided to check out the USC campus this week, reported his father to Josh Gershon of Scout. Baxter Holmes of the Los Angeles Times reported that Muhammad attended practice--along with a number of booster-type characters that I'm sure will make plenty of Trojan basketball fans a little squeamish.

USC head coach Kevin O'Neill is technically not doing anything wrong. According to NCAA regulations, recruits are not supposed to have contact with boosters or attend booster events, but a basketball practice does not fall under that jurisdiction. It sure does skirt that imaginary line though, which is why there are apparently three compliance offers in attendances according to Holmes to ensure no contact between Muhammad and boosters. Curious story, and one of those situations where you recognize what a crazy world college basketball recruiting can be.

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UPDATE: Shabazz enjoyed his visit to USC, and wants to take an official.