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Chivas USA Finalize Laurent Courtois Signing

Chivas USA today announced the finalized signing of French midfielder Francois Laurent. The Goats have one slot left open on the twenty man roster, so likely Laurent will end up there. The signing also brings Chivas up to six international players.

"We are very excited about having this player. We’re looking for the best soccer players we can find, and we’ve found this guy who we think is going to enhance our team," said Chivas USA Head Coach Robin Fraser. "He´s very comfortable on the ball; been in a number of situations in big games in Europe. When you look at our group, one of the things we want to add is experience and maturity."

Courtois was reported to be headed to Boston to be with the team when they face the New England Revolution. Francois Laurent practiced with the team on Wednesday, and tweeted photos of the locker room and his locker in the dressing room.

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