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UCLA Basketball Recruiting Rumors: Jordan Adams Believes Shabazz Muhammad Will Join Him In Westwood

College basketball recruiting coverage is one strange, strange game. You'll hear all sorts of differing info, top 15 lists, similar information filtering from the top recruits, and all of it compounding as the season nears closer. Shabazz Muhammad, perhaps the top recruit in the 2012 class, is the target of such news on a daily basis, and UCLA Bruins fans (who believe they are one of the favorites in this race) are hanging on his every word. No official news has creeped out, but Muhammad does appear to be on the verge of trimming his list soon.

If UCLA fans want some good news, one of their commits is happy to oblige them. Chip Sylvie, who covers the AAU circuit in the Midwest corridor (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana), recently talked to Bruins verbal Jordan Adams from the hoops famous Oak Hill Academy, and he had these words to say.

He is still quite sure Shabazz Muhammad is following him to UCLA

Those words must look like fine art to the Sons of Westwood.

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