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NFL Stadium In Los Angeles: City Council Committee Agrees To AEG Plan

Is the NFL on the verge of finally returning to Los Angeles? The LA City Council committee ratified the AEG Plan and should send it for a final vote in upcoming days.

The NFL hasn't been in Los Angeles for about, oh, a thousand years. The St. Louis Rams skipped town in 1994, and the Oakland Raiders followed suit in 1995. It's been the biggest stain on a league that has been by far the most successful and most popular in America--the league's second biggest market has been bereft of a franchise.

One of the big reasons that the NFL has struggled to sustain itself in Los Angeles has been the lack of a modern stadium. The Los Angeles Coliseum was too old and the Anaheim Stadium was a jumbled mess of a football stadium assembled from a ballpark. So there's always been a need for a new complex, something more modern to rise up.

The Anschutz Entertainment Group might be coming close to fulfilling that dream. The Los Angeles City Council committee has endorsed a tentative agreement with AEG, and will send it to the City Council for a final vote in the upcoming days.

Stay tuned to SB Nation Los Angeles for more about the NFL stadium in L.A.