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USC Football Camp: Markeith Ambles Leaves Team

Head coach Lane Kiffin announced wide receiver Markeith Ambles has been dismissed from the program. While the coach did not offer specifics into the situation, Ambles has struggled to stay academically eligible since joining the team and has had multiple disciplinary issues the last two years.

Gary Klein of The LA Times has the report:

"We wish him the best of luck and we're moving forward, and hopefully he does good things," said Kiffin, who declined to discuss the specifics of Ambles' departure.

There had been speculation that Ambles, a sophomore from Georgia, might remain at USC and redshirt. But a series of disciplinary issues in his first season, coupled with USC's scholarship limitations over the next three seasons, might have contributed to his exit.

Ambles could not be reached for comment.

It sounds like a bad situation for all parties involved and the move to dismiss Ambles is probably for the best. Despite being talented and having the potential to be a solid wide receiver for both this season and beyond, keeping your grades and attitude at a high standard are a must for a USC football player. This was not the case and now the two sides have parted ways.

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