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Phil Jackson To Present Dennis Rodman At Hall Of Fame Induction

Boy oh boy, this should be good. When Dennis Rodman is inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame two weekends from now , he'll be presented by his former coach in Chicago, Phil Jackson. The Zen Master had already been asked to present his long-time assistant, Tex Winters, during the ceremonies, but it looks like Jackson will serve double duty and present the eccentric Rodman as well. According to Detroit Pistons beat writer Keith Langlois, Rodman would have chosen Chuck Daly, his coach in the Motor City were the legendary Hall of Famer still alive. As it is, Rodman will get to hear what Jackson has to say about their time together in Chicago before delivering what I'm guessing will be one hell of an interesting speech himself.


Entering the Hall alongside Rodman will be Chris Mullin, Artis Gilmore, Arvydas Sabonis, and the previously mentioned Winter. Worth noting is that there will be no restrictions on interaction between teams and players at the three-day event.