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Angels vs. Orioles: Mike Trout Batting Seventh, Playing Right Field

The Angels are trying to stay in the division race and a big series against the Orioles would go a long way in getting the team on a hot streak. The big news of Mike Trout being re-called was already announced, though no one was sure of his spot in the batting order and the status of Vernon Wells. Both are in the lineup tonight.

CF - Bourjos
3B - Callaspo
2B - Kendrick
DH - Hunter
1B - Trumbo
LF - Wells
SS - Aybar
RF - Trout
C - Wilson

P - Haren

So the rookie starts his second stint in the Major Leagues batting seventh. Apparently Vernon Wells is good to play tonight, though the team did say other changes could be made in the coming days.

Haren will take on Jo-Jo Reyes and the AL-worst Orioles at 7:05. It should be a beautiful night at Angels Stadium.