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UCLA Football: Kevin Prince Hesitant, Richard Brehaut Trigger-Happy

So far, there's no clear inclination as to who will be the starting quarterback come opening day for the UCLA Bruins in Houston. Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut have both been getting plenty of experience with the 1s and 2s this training camp, and that should continue right through the end of fall practice. UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel has left no indication as to who is leading for the starting position, although Prince figures to have a slight edge due to his larger body of experience.

Nehueisel did point out the flaws of each QB to Chris Foster of the Los Angeles Times. Despite all the experience Prince has accumulated, he still struggles with his decisiveness.

Neuheisel on Kevin Prince: "We have to get Kevin to pull the trigger" and get rid of the ball.

While Prince is having trouble releasing the football, Brehaut is having the exact opposite issue. At the first sign of trouble, he'll put that ball up, up, up and away.

Neuheisel on Brehaut: "Wen he feels the pressure to step up in the pocket and not get lost get lost in sometimes the sexy throw."

Both Prince and Brehaut should be better quarterbacks in 2011 and should be more comfortable in their Pistol offense sets. But the big question still remains: How much better can they actually get to improve UCLA's anemic production?

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