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Ellis McCarthy Official Visits: USC, Cal, Florida, Washington, Oregon

Defensive tackle Ellis McCarthy is probably the best West Coast defensive prospect (depending on whether Shaq Thompson plays offense or defense on the next level). The Monrovia prospect doesn't look like he'll be trimming his list anytime soon, but he might have come close to hinting at where his interest lies the most.

McCarthy has revealed where he'll be making his five visits this offseason to WeAreSC: The USC Trojans, California Golden Bears, Florida Gators, Washington Huskies, and Oregon Ducks. These have been the suspected top 5 for McCarthy for awhile, but now these official visits do suggest that he's looking at these schools in particular. He hasn't listed particular dates for his visits though.

McCarthy has listed Cal and USC as his favorites in the past, but it's hard to discount any of these five candidates as being out of the race until he narrows the list further. Still, the Trojans have to feel they're in pretty good shape.

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