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No. 1 Pick Gerrit Cole Expected To Sign With Pirates, But For How Much?

The 2011 MLB Draft was a good day for the UCLA Bruins, as their two best starting pitchers were drafted in the top three picks. Trevor Bauer, who was picked third overall, has already signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks and has a few professional starts under his belt. Gerrit Cole, who was picked first overall by the Pittsburgh Pirates, has yet to sign, with the signing deadline looming Monday night at 9 p.m. PDT.

Cole is represented by Scott Boras, which means big money, and the only question is how will Cole's deal compare with the last two number one overall picks. Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper were the last two top picks, and signed for $15.1 million and $9.9 million respectively, but they were also clear choices at the top spot. The 2011 draft was more wide open, but as Karen Price of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review noted, that might not matter to Boras:

Cole wasn't the unquestioned top overall choice like Harper and Strasburg, but that may not matter to Boras, with whom the Pirates had contentious negotiations to sign Pedro Alvarez in 2008.

"Boras is going to try, I'm sure, to say that's what No. 1 picks cost now," [Kevin] Goldstein [of Baseball Prospectus] said.

Cole is the first Bruin to be drafted number one overall, surpassing Tim Leary, who was drafted second overall by the New York Mets in the 1979 draft.

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