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Lakers Forward Ron Artest Could Play In England, Would Take Huge Pay Cut

Ron Artest is looking at various options to pass the time while the NBA lockout continues. Is London an option? And what's this talk of getting into soap operas and the music industry?

Ron Artest, like many other NBA players currently locked out, is looking to play competitive basketball somewhere in Europe. While many players have considered Italy and Germany, Artest could be headed to England to play basketball. While no one is exactly sure why he would make the move across the pond, it certainly would not be for financial reasons.

Get this:

The L.A. Times is reporting Ron Artest will make up to $2,500 a MONTH in England. Last season the Lakers paid him $2,623.37 a MINUTEless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


That's pretty bizarre. Now it's not like Artest is hurting for money at the moment -- let's be honest, the guy is perfectly fine financially -- though it is tough to imagine a professional taking that large of a pay cut to continue "working". There have been rumors that Artest has interest in joining the music and movie industry, which he could potentially do should he make the move to England, but these seem a little far-fetched and wild as well.

No one knows what Ron plans to do, and I'm not even so sure even he knows what he wants to do. It sounds like we'll all find out in the coming days and weeks.

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