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UCLA Football Injury Report: Damien Thigpen Pulls Hamstring, Out Indefinitely

For once, the UCLA Bruins football team isn't experiencing the rash of offseason injuries that doomed the team's chances the past. Brett Hundley got nicked up and looked like he could be out for a long period of time, but now it looks as if he'll be healthy well in time for the season.

It was too good to last that long, and indeed, another injury has stricken a player with quite an unlucky bill of health as a Bruin. Chris Foster of the Los Angeles Times reports that F-back Damien Thigpen pulled his hamstring while running a deep pass route, and could be out of the lineup for a significant period of time. Thigpen already had hamstring troubles during his spring season and broke his collarbone lats season. Just have to feel bad that he can't stay on the field.

Considering how crucial the F-back is to the UCLA Pistol attack, this is not news the Bruins want to hear. Anthony Barr is the only other F-back trained in the position, meaning roster shuffles, meaning personnel problems, meaning ...

Well, it's just one injury. Better than ten injuries, which is a state of being UCLA football fans have been used to lately.

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