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USC, UCLA, Southern California Football & Basketball Recruiting Coverage 2011

Other than maybe Florida or Texas, Southern California always seems to offer the most exciting group of talent every season. There's a lot of great players in the region, and there's always a lot of great talent interested in playing in the region. The former is due to the vast city of Los Angeles and its massive urban sprawl that covers the valleys of Southern California. The latter is mostly thanks to the presence of two of the most nationally relevant programs on the west coast of the country.

We will be following both of the two major schools in the conference: The USC Trojans (particularly with their football moves) and the UCLA Bruins (with their basketball moves) will both be monitored quite a bit. We will also take a look at the aspiring young prepsters in the Southern California region and monitoring where they'd be interested in playing at the collegiate level. Stay tuned to SB Nation Los Angeles for further updates, as well as Conquest Chronicles (USC) and Bruins Nation (UCLA)!