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USA vs. Mexico, 2011 Gold Cup Final: Highlights


Have at it folks. They're in Spanish, but it's always more exciting when a goal is followed up by mgoooooooooooaaaaal. It's all six goals back to back to back to back to back to back. You'll see a lot of really interesting things in that video. Bradley's header, which Alfredo Talvera did get a touch on to no avail. Landon Donovan for the segunda goal, which didn't get a goooooal, but a goalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. If anyone who is a habitual Spanish broadcast listener can explain that to me, I'd be much obliged. 

The first Mexico goal where Chicharito finds Pablo Barrera completely all alone on the right wing. That area that Jonathan Bornstein was supposed to be covering. Watch the pass leading to the second goal rocket past Bornstein. Tim Howard almost made it work but he had two black shirts that could count his pores. Watch Bornstein fail to mark Barrera again! The commentary on Dos Santos' goal is like, well I can't say what it's like. But it's very amusing.

Anyhow, why are you reading, go, watch the highlights!