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NBA Draft: Clippers Looking To Upgrade At Small Forward, Perhaps Via Trade

The Los Angeles Clippers showed promise at times last season, and look to build on the success of Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon, and the gang as Thursday's NBA Draft approaches. Look for the Clippers to upgrade at small forward at some point. Among those rumored to come to Los Angeles is Andre Iguodala of the 76ers.

In speaking with D.J. Foster of on Monday, Clippers' GM Neil Olshey said small forward was a position of need, and that second-year player Al-Farouq Aminu might be too raw for the Clippers' plans, at least as starter:

I think the time for being patient has passed. I think we want to accelerate it. If you were to go with the patient model and build slowly, you keep grooming Farouq and wait for him to develop, not unlike how we had to wait on Eric Gordon a little bit and DeAndre Jordan a little bit. I see all the same things with Farouq, but I think the excitement over how we finished the season after the trade…you could see the potential of the team. What we need is some veteran leadership, and we do need a guy who is going to be today where Farouq will be three or four years from now.

The Clippers don't have a first round pick in Thursday's draft, but do pick twice in the second round, at No. 37 and No. 47.  Don't look for an impact player at one of those spots, though. The rumor of the day seems to be Iguodala to the Clippers, likely for center Chris Kaman, though it is unclear just how likely that trade will happen.

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