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David Beckham Left Behind, Juninho Starting

When Galaxy president Tom Payne tweeted the starting eleven for tonight, there was a big name missing. David Beckham, fresh off a trip to London to promote the 2012 Olympics, didn't fly with the team to Colorado. This leaves the Los Angeles Galaxy without two of their star midfielders. Tonight will mark the third different captain for the Galaxy this season, as the two men who have worn the band so far this season are nowhere near the team. Juninho, fresh off his wedding in Brazil, slips into Beckham’s space from last week’s lineup. He’ll join Mike Magee, Michael Stephens, and last week’s opening goal scorer Chris Birchall.

While there will be those who chose to make a lot of noise over Beckham staying home, he’s not the first Galaxy star to get left behind this season. Landon Donovan skipped out on a three game road trip after the US National Team and MLS had him overbooked. Juan Pablo Angel missed the New England road match after a Wednesday midweek home match. Most of the vitriol comes from the perception that Beckham is missing matches due to personal commitments, but invitations from the Queen of England and Sir Alex Ferguson aren’t exactly trifles.