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Blake Griffin Wins NBA Rookie Of The Year According To Reports

In news that should surprise nobody, Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers has won the 2010-2011 NBA Rookie of the Year Award. Citing an unnamed source, ESPN reported the news Tuesday evening, which the Clippers more or less confirm on the team website. Griffin led all rookies in scoring at 22.5 points per game. He was also the Clippers leading scorer and rebounder (12.1) while finishing with the third most assists per game amongst his teammates (3.8).

Even though Griffin had essentially locked up the award by the All Star break (he was the first rookie to start in the glorified scrimmage since Yao Ming back in 2003), the news is still exciting for Griffin, the Clippers organization and the team's fan base. The Clippers may have missed the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year, but the season was plenty memorable and highly entertaining for the fans thanks in large part to Griffin and the 212 dunks he threw down.

Congratulations to Griffin on being the first Clippers player to win the award since the team moved to LA in 1984!