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USC Football: NCAA Denies USC Appeal Completely

USC's appeal to the NCAA to lessen the harsh penalties that were sanctioned against USC last June has been denied, according to SB Nation blog Conquest Chronicles on Wednesday, who broke the story.

A USC faction composed of Athletic Director, Pat Haden, and USC President, Max Nikias, in January went before the NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee to request to reduce some of the harsher penalties that was handed down by the NCAA Committee of Infractions in June 2010.

Some of the penalties USC asked to lessen were to reduce the loss of scholarships from 30 to 15 in a three year period.  The other was to reduce the bowl ban from two years to one.  Because USC appeal was denied, USC will only be able to sign a total of 15 per recruiting class and will not be able to participate in the inaugural 2011 Pac-12 championship.

Three weeks ago, former USC running back coach Todd McNair lost his appeal against the NCAA. McNair was an intregal part of the NCAA case.

Because of specific rules, USC will release a statement on their denied appeal tomorrow.

For more information about USC football and other related USC sports, please visit SB Nation official USC blog, Conquest Chronicles.